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iOS 14 beta 6 release date: New update is here

iOS 14 beta 8 release date

Many Apple users have been eagerly waiting for iOS 14 beta 6 release date to be revealed so they can download it on their iPhone and iPad devices as soon as the version becomes available. It is anticipated that Apple is probably going to schedule the official release date for iOS 14 beta 6 in September. The company is working tirelessly to resolve any bugs or issues in the software before it can be officially released.

The burning question arises, when will the new version arrive? Concluding from Apple’s previous pattern of release dates, it is likely that the sixth beta will officially launch this week. Apple follows a pattern with regards to public launches, analysts indicate that the new version will be ready this week. Although Apple recently released iOS 14 beta 5 last week. Apple mostly runs on a two-week cycle.

The primary reason behind the prediction of this week is the following theory. As Apple moves closer to the official launch of iOS updates, it simultaneously begins to push for new beta builds. This happens weekly rather than every other week. To tie up the loose ends, we think the official launch of iOS 14 beta 6 is most probably scheduled for Tuesday, August 25, or August 26. Which happens to be today, or tomorrow. (Are you counting hours like us?)

However, it is possible that our predictions might be incorrect. It is possible that Apple complies to a two-week cycle for the release of beta 6. This could mean that Apple could also release iOS 14 beta 6 next Tuesday or Wednesday.

The last round of official beta launches by Apple illustrated improved stability and overall quality. However, there are still concerns that must be addressed and bugs that must be resolved. Hopefully, the new iOS 14 beta 6 will fix all previous bugs and satisfy users around the globe.

The beta 5 version launched last week does not reveal any major changes. From the limited testing of this version since the last week, it appears to be slightly more stable than the beta 4 version. Beta 4 was known for having several bugs and internal issues. Therefore, beta 5 was an improvement. Users are eager to experience the changes in the beta 6 version.

Beta 5 also featured minor updates in widgets like granular control over location access, the users are now required to give permission for location. The widget illustrating news is also slightly larger in size now, although it can not be added to Home Screens.

Other interesting changes also include being able to view the account credit after selecting the account view in App Store and iTunes Store. Games Center ID is also visible in App Store and iTunes Store. Users were happy to note that the clock wheel is back again when editing times in the Clock app. These tweaks and changes further increase the excitement for beta 6.

UPDATE 13:00 PM EST: Apple releases iOS 14 beta 6 and iPadOS 14 beta 6 to developers after one week of iOS 14 beta 5’s release. Developers can now download the iOS 14 beta six over the air after installing the developer’s profile from the Apple Developer Center.

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