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iOS 14 Beta 8 release date: When to expect it?

iOS 14 beta 8 release date

Most people are still looking to update their iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 14 beta 8. As the iOS 14 beta 8 release date draws closer, here are updates on when Apple plans to release both updates to developers and those on the public beta program. Very little time is left before we get to witness iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 being released to the public.

The probable iOS 14 beta 8 release date

More updates are likely to be released within the span of the next few weeks. Apple released iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 beta 7 just yesterday, which is why we do not expect the next update, iOS 14 beta 8 to be released until Tuesday or Thursday next week. That also means that the next beta release could potentially be the last one before we get the GM versions of both releases to be pushed out to developers. After this is executed, it will be time for the public release.

It is still too early to see where iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 beta 7 sits but it is expected that Apple will not have too many things to fix next time around. This in no way implies that it is perfect. It is no secret that iOS 13 was not the best update Apple has released. Everyone has their hopes regarding the iOS 14 beta 8 release date since it is likely to be a better proposition.

Features of the new iOS 14

The new iOS 14 has impressive additions. The features include widgets on the home screen which break up that stagnant tiled-grid-of-apps look, long-awaited picture-in-picture so you can watch videos in the screen’s corner while doing other tasks, and digital keys to unlock your car with your iPhone.

Proper widgets are debuting on the iPhone with iOS 14. The widgets now come in a variety of sizes, and they look like they’re far more attractive than those featured in previous iOS versions.

A new feature called the App Library is also available at the end of home screens within iOS 14. This feature is designed to organize your apps, and it essentially files different services away without having to manually do it. All the social apps, for example, would appear in one folder. One of the options shown on the WWDC live stream includes all Apple Arcade games installed on the phone.

The new iOS 14 also allows you to hide specific apps that you do not want on your home screen. These apps will appear in the App Library instead. In case you do not want people to know you’ve got fast food apps on your phone, you can hide them. This way you’ll still be able to find them in the App Library later. The interface of the way you receive phone calls is set to change. Instead of taking up the whole screen, a hassle for many iOS users, the notification will now appear at the top of the screen.

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