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iPhone 12 Users Report ‘Glow In The Dark’ OLED Display Issue

iPhone 12 OLED Display Issue Grey Glow In The Dark

Several users who bought the newly launched iPhone 12 are noticing an “ugly glow” emanating from the phone when the phone’s brightness is set lower than 90% or 100%. The users are describing this glow as bright grey light. It is unknown yet whether all users are experiencing this issue. However, the number of growing complaints and queries on Apple Support suggests that the issue might be widespread. iPhone 12 OLED display issue is trending on social media, several users are posting pictures of their phones showing the grey glow in the dark.

iPhone 12 OLED display issue

It appears that the problem may be related to software. Several people are complaining regarding the iPhone 12 OLED display issue on social media. The grey glow in the dark does not exactly appear aesthetically pleasing.

One user tweeted, “Why are the displays on the iPhone 12 Pro yellow and dingy? With true tone off, mine has a yellow tint compared to previous phones. Blacks turn greenish in dark rooms and appear backlit before they go to full black. Doesn’t seem right for an OLED. #Apple #tmobile.”

Another user replied by saying, “Hello. I bought two iPhone 12 and both have the same issue. In dark surroundings on any brightness lower than 90-100% screen has this ugly glowing! Black pixels are not turning off in dynamic scenes. In a static scene black pixels turning off after a few seconds. My video shows it in video and in the clock app. And this is a comparison by another one person who has this problem but with iPhone 12 Pro. iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone XS screen.”

Grey ugly glow in the dark

Several users are posting pictures of their persisting iPhone 12 OLED display issue by contrasting between this model and the previous ones. The pictures clearly show a grey glow appearing in the dark compared to the completely black screen of the iPhone XS. Experts say it appears that iPhone 12’s OLED display is not turning off the black pixels installed on the phone during some dynamic scenes. The black pixels seem to gradually turn off during static scenes.

Apple has not yet acknowledged the issue or commented on it. It seems that the users will have to wait for the next iOS update to see if the issue continues or not. iPhone 12 is an expensive phone, several people who buy it invest a considerable portion of their investments in the phone. When users invest hefty sums in buying a phone, they do not expect issues of such nature from the makers. Several people find the yellow, grey glow highly unaesthetic to look at. It will be better if Apple addresses the issue since most people who bought it are experiencing anxiety regarding their expensive purchase.

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