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iPhone 12 Pro Max schematics hint at new design

iPhone 12 Pro Max schematics 1
Source: EverythingApplePro

Last week, Apple was able to release its classic designed 2020 iPhone SE device, now it seems that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is next in line.

Despite the fear of Coronavirus pandemic that has most people under lockdown, the company is still focused on launching the device later this year. Although we’re about five months away from the release of the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, there are rumors about the device’s design.

With Max Weinbach getting a hold on something that looks like the iPhone 12 Pro Max CAD renders, can we say that the speculations about the design are true? In this article, we’ll be talking about everything on the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max, including its new design.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Design: All you need to know about it

A YouTube video of EverythingApplePro, in collaboration with Max Weinbach, has leaked the design renders of the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max. They didn’t just do that but also printed a 3D design of the phone in comparison with that of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, the video further stressed that the mock-up plans are just about 70% complete, with the rear cameras and the front notch yet to be finalized. As seen in the video, there’s a smaller notch for the device’s Face ID mechanism. While we’ve heard about the likeliness of it, there’s no official confirmation yet. There’s also a suggestion that iPhone 12 Pro Max will look like the iPad Pro-like chassis with flat edges.

Compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 8.1mm, the schematics suggest that the new iPhone will look a bit thinner at 7.4mm. Screenwise, there’s a suggestion that the device will feature a 6.7 inches OLED. That means it’ll be a little wider and taller than that of the 6.5 inches iPhone 11 Pro Max, to accommodate the extra screen.

Device Features

What we can see as bizarre about the changes is the difference in the thickness of the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s screen bezel. There’s 40% (1.5mm from 2.5mm) shrink on all its four sides, compared to that of iPhone 11 Pro Max. Also, around its back is a LiDAR Scanner inside the camera bump, most likely to support AR.

However, the camera bump will protrude more to 1.26mm, instead of the previous 1.21mm. Furthermore, the speaker grille will take on a different look and there’ll be a 10% – 15% bump in the loudness of the speakers. Finally, there’ll be a change in the size (much thicker) of the antenna lines on the sides of the device. That’ll enable better support for the 5G cellular network.

Surely, this is not the official iPhone 12 Pro Max’s design from Apple. However, you should expect something similar to this, if not 100%. The announcement date should be in Fall, around September or October. Also, watch out for more about iPhone 12 Pro Max as the YouTube channel will be talking more about the display details, camera specs, and features.

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