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iPhone 12 videos too bright or overexposed, users complain

iPhone 12 videos too bright overexposed

Several iPhone 12 users are complaining that videos appear too bright and overexposed on Instagram, Snapchat and other applications. The iPhone 12 series undoubtedly offer the most advanced smartphone cameras of the generation. The iPhone 12 Pro Max even exceeds its contemporaries when it comes to camera features, its large sensor even makes it better than the iPhone 12 Pro.

Videos on iPhone 12 appear “too bright”

Due to the large sensor on iPhone 12 Pro Max, the images appear to have a more natural depth of field. Moreover, shots taken in low-light environments appear to be comparatively less grainy with more details than photos captured via other iPhone 12 models. For users who are enthusiastic about taking photos, there is no better option in the market than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

That being said, many users have gotten hold of the iPhone 12 lineup. These users have been sharing photos and videos on different social media platforms which led to users observing an issue with overexposure. Several users have complained that videos appear too bright on iPhone 12 smartphones, the brightness lowers the video quality and makes it impossible to view videos without squinting one’s eyes.

One user complained, “I have a video I shot on an iPhone 12 Pro, copied to my computer as a Quicktime .MOV file. It plays fine on my Mac Mini, but when I import it into iMovie, the clip appears very washed out. Color seems to be missing, and the color-correction tools in iMovie won’t let me get it right. It seems as if the brightness is just turned way up, but using the color correction tools to turn the brightness down doesn’t fix the problem. ” The comments underneath depict that several users all across the globe are experiencing this issue.

What is causing overexposed videos?

Many people speculated that this might be occurring due to the new HDR video feature on the iPhone 12. Users are stating that the same videos that appear too bright on the iPhone 12 lineup appear perfectly normal on their iPads or other devices. This narrows down the issue to specifically the iPhone 12 lineup.

It appears that the problem of overexposed videos is being caused by the fact that many applications are not supporting the HDR video format as of yet. Therefore, any video that is captured via an iPhone 12 that is taken right out of the box will seem too bright and washed out when uploaded on certain social media applications like Instagram and Snapchat.

Another user said, “This is to be expected. It’ll be up to the platforms to adopt HDR support. Does seem rushed on Apple’s side to not give a way to convert.” Unless the social media applications being used by iPhone 12 users adopt the new HDR video format, this issue will unfortunately persist.

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