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iPhone hotspot not connecting or disconnecting after iOS 15.6 update

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iPhone users are experiencing issues with their hotspot not connecting, disconnecting, or turning off after the new iOS 15.6 update. Multiple reports show that the update brought functional problems for some users.

Reports of iPhone hotspot not connecting after iOS 15.6 update for multiple users

Apple operating software gets new updates every now and then to remove bugs and add new features. However, the latest update is causing issues for some users trying to use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature.

Some users are unable to connect other phones to their iPhone’s hotspot.

“My personal hotspot isn’t working and I’ve tried almost everything anybody knows how I can fix it?”, posted one user on Apple Support Community.

For others, their iPhone hotspot randomly turns off even when connected to other devices.

“I have heard that it might be due to the phone thinking that the other device isn’t using the hotspot, so it just turns off,” the user wrote. “I saw a YouTube video and the guy recommended to go to hotspot settings and disable maximize compatibility, but the option doesn’t even show up for me,” he added.

“Does anybody else’s hotspot ever just turn itself off for no reason?”, tweeted one person. They also wrote about switching to Android. “I hate my iPhone. I wanna switch back to android.”

Others also expressed their disappointment with iPhones, calling them “hard to use” and “not user-friendly”.

There were others who experience their iPhone hotspot disabling by itself while it was in use.

Things went downhill after the new update

Most reports suggest that the issue started after the launch of the iOS 15.6 update.

“I have an iPhone 11 and I regularly use internet sharing from my MacBook pro and use that Wi-Fi on my phone. Last night I upgraded to iOS 15.6 and I am no longer able to connect my phone to my MacBook’s internet sharing,” a user wrote on the community forum.

There has been no official acknowledgment of the problem from Apple. However, one person replied to a user’s query on the forum.

There have been no other workarounds or solutions to the persisting issue.


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