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Irish actress claims of being tracked by AirTag, Apple responds

actress tracked by AirTag

After Irish actor and author Hannah Rose May claimed that she was tracked by an AirTag, Apple responded by saying that it is investigating and “actively collaborating with law enforcement on all AirTag-related inquiries”.

However, the tech giant also stated that “AirTag incidents are rare,” reports The Independent.

“AirTag was designed to help people locate their personal belongings, not to track people or another person’s property, and we condemn in the strongest possible terms any malicious use of our products,” the tech giant said in a statement earlier.

May claimed last week that she had been tracked by an AirTag.

“An Apple AirTag was put on me to track my location Saturday night. I am sharing what happened to me so you know what to look for,” May wrote on the microblogging platform Twitter.

May, who lives in Los Angeles, described an after-hours event at Disneyland that lasted until 2 a.m.

“I got a ‘Find My’ notification at the end of the night that I didn’t think anything of but opened it anyway and it turned out to be this… someone had been tracking me for two hours,” she said.

May posted a screenshot of the alert she received, which revealed that she was being tracked by the AirTag’s owner.

She was able to turn off the tracking before driving home, and she claimed she was with a group the entire time she was tracked.

May went on to say that after she shared her story on Instagram, she received several direct messages from people who discovered they were being tracked by AirTags.

Her thread has received nearly 20,000 likes and over 10,000 retweets.


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