Is Online Poker the game for you?

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If you’ve ever found yourself wondering whether online poker is the game for you, there’s a good chance you’re already a fan of casino games like Australian pokies or traditional poker.

While the principles of poker are the same whether you are playing in a casino or from your home computer, the nature of playing online rather than in-person creates a game that can suit particular types of poker players.

This means that even if you’re a veteran at the poker table in your local casino, playing online can present a fresh set of challenges to overcome.

Whether you’re simply looking for a fun game to pass the time with at home, or you would like to test your poker skills on an online platform, read on to find out why you might be the perfect Online Poker player.

You prefer a faster playstyle

One of the most striking differences between live poker and online poker is the speed at which games are played. It’s much quicker – about three times as quick, in fact, with every 30 hands on a live table talking about the same time as 100 hands online.

This means that to be successful against seasoned online players, you need to be up to the pace – being able to make quick judgments while also attempting to keep track of your opposition at a much higher speed. Online poker will benefit from sharpness, quick wits, and a game plan you are familiar with.

Playing online poker, in theory, is a faster way to improve at than playing the live game – as the more hands you have faced, the more situations you have encountered, and therefore the more you are prepared for in future games. This benefits you if you want to learn quickly.

You prefer the comfort of your own home

If you’re a social animal, there’s so much to be said for heading out to the casino – there, you may see friends and familiar faces, while you can also take in the atmosphere and enjoy any catering services on offer.

However, there are plenty of people who are perfectly happy staying in – which means that online poker can be the solution. As well as this, when it comes to the best online casinos Australia can feel like Las Vegas, as they provide a fun and authentic experience from within the comfort of your home.

You have a terrible poker face

One critical feature of live poker is the fact that you can look for your opponent’s ‘tells’ – ways in which their body language communicates a certain emotion or reaction provoked by the state of play.

If you either struggle to work out your opponent’s tells, or you find yourself being rather expressive around the table, playing online poker could provide you with the level playing field you require – as, of course, there are no physical tells without being able to see one another.

In modern poker, there is much more to the game than simply your opponent’s tells, so this won’t guarantee you an advantage, but it’s a great place to start.


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