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AI project: Israel to test floating sun-tracking system to generate clean electricity

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In a joint statement, the state’s Finance Ministry and the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) announced a project to test an artificial intelligence (AI) floating system to generate electricity by tracking the sun.

The project was announced on Sunday, according to the Xinhua news agency.

According to the statement, the solar pilot project will be carried out in collaboration with the Israeli company Xfloat, which developed the system, and the Mekorot national water company.

While floating on reservoir water, this photovoltaic system is designed to move and track the sun. According to Xfloat, it is based on machine learning capabilities and continuous refining of rich data acquisition to optimize performance.

According to the Ministry and the IIA, the system has a high power generation capacity and can withstand environmental changes and extreme weather.

“As part of the cooperation, Xfloat’s floating panels will be installed on Mekorot’s water reservoirs,” Shir Azaraf, a spokeswoman for the Finance Ministry, told Xinhua.

“The electricity generated this way could be used by everybody, including industrial plants and home consumers, because the process is cheap and clean,” she added.

The project is part of a national program in which the IIA selected four Israeli startup companies to test innovative technologies at government sites with up to 50% state support.

Other technologies chosen include an automated bus terminal management platform, online sign language translation on trains, and AI drone navigation without GPS.

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