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Issue: Bloodhunt Players Can’t Add Or Invite Friends

Bloodhunt Players Can’t Add Or Invite Friends

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt, developed and released in September 2021 by Sharkmob, is a free-to-play battle royale game. The game’s all-time peak for its number of players is 29,475 people. According to Steam Count, the number of players that actively play the game right now is 13,833. No doubt, Bloodhunt isn’t as popular as most battle royale games out there. However, many players love the game because of its settings, which provide a unique new experience in the Battle Royale space. The game also offers its players a multiplayer option, which features both crossplay and matchmaking. With this option, you can easily play the games with friends or other players online. Unfortunately, the latest reports reveal that Bloodhunt players are struggling to use the multiplayer feature – they can’t add or invite friends.

The rest of this article will shed more light on the new Bloodhunt issue, in which players can’t add or invite friends. So, continue reading.

Players can’t add or invite their friends on Bloodhunt

Bloodhunt is one of the latest multiplayer battle royale games out there. This multiplayer game features both matchmaking & crossplay, which enables players to add or invite friends to play with them online.

Adding friends on the Bloodhunt gaming platform is pretty easy. All a player needs is to locate the Elysium Menu and look for the Social column. The option to add players is at the extreme right-hand side of the screen. You can also search and add friends on the gaming platform by using the player’s Sharkmob ID. Unfortunately, it seems these two options are currently not working for many players.

According to multiple reports across social media platforms, Bloodhunt players are now complaining of a situation, in which they can’t invite or add new friends for online multiplayer matches. Many of the affected players reported they couldn’t use the add button. Some others mentioned that the search option (using Sharkmob ID) is also not working for them. You can check down and here (1,2,3,4,5,6) for more information about what the affected players are saying.

Some PS5 players also reported another issue, in which they either get stuck in long queues or cannot find ranked matches. This issue occurs when the crossplay option is turned off. So, players need to activate the option to find ranked matches. Here (1,2,3) are a few reports regarding this issue.

Bloodhunt Players Can’t Add Or Invite Friends

Is there any official fix to address this problem

Fortunately, a couple of days ago, the Bloodhunt team released an official statement to acknowledge the current issue, in which players can’t add or invite friends. The Twitter team also recently came out, saying it has improved the game’s matchmaking system, making it easy for players using different platforms to play multiplayer matches. We’ll continue to update you as we get more information about this issue.

Bloodhunt Players Can’t Add Or Invite Friends


Bloodhunt support on Twitter confirmed that they are looking into adding a feature in the game that will allow players to invite friends from other platforms.

TWEET: Hi SEUSS! Adding/inviting friends from another platform is not available – but we know that you want this, thus we are currently investigating if it’s possible to do it 🙂 (Read full tweet here).

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