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Japan’s 2023 summer hottest on record: weather agency

Japan's 2023 summer hottest on record: weather agency
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Japan‘s summer this year was the country’s hottest since records began in 1898, the weather agency said Friday.

“In the summer (June-August) of 2023, the average summer temperature in Japan was considerably higher in northern, eastern, and western Japan. Average temperatures in Japan are the highest for summer since 1898,” the agency said.

“The average temperature anomaly in Japan, based on observations at 15 locations, was +1.76 degrees C, far exceeding that of 2010 (+1.08 degrees C), which was the highest since statistics began in 1898 and the highest for summer,” it said in a statement.

“Warm air tended to cover northern Japan and warm air flowed in from the south, resulting in considerably higher average summer temperatures in northern, eastern, and western Japan,” it added.

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