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Long Island’s Jewish High School’s hacked website shows Nazi imagery

yeshiva high school Great Neck Jewish School website hacked nazi images

Reports flowing in from Yeshiva High School, a Jewish School in the Great Neck indicate that their website was hacked. The website was down yesterday following a hack that initiated by anti-Semitic propagandists. Racial slurs and Nazi images were posted on the website after the hack. The high school prides itself in being modern Orthodox Yeshiva school in the heart of Great Neck. Great Neck happens to be a village in Long Island, New York.

Yeshiva High School had its website hacked

A video of Nazi soldiers was uploaded on the school website. Another video uploaded on the website of Yeshiva High School played a children’s song. However, the song was dubbed to include a reference to Auschwitz. Auschwitz was a concentration camp in Poland, more than 1.1 million Jews were killed here. Needless to say, the content put up on the website was severely disturbing given the sentiments that surround the holocaust., an organization that exposes antisemitism also acknowledged the incident and tweeted, “HAPPENING NOW – a Hebrew Academy in Great Neck (Long Island), NY is being hacked! Nazi songs, imagery, messages continue to be posted. They have also leaked students’ and teachers’ addresses and credit card information.”

Several students enrolled at the Great Neck Jewish High School are offspring of the holocaust survivors. Events such as these trigger the generational trauma they have tried to cope with. Incidents like these are proof that humans are devoid of basic decency. Exposing children to content that exposes their trauma is extremely horrific. What is worse is that the personal information of all the enrolled students was also compromised.

Hacked website and Nazi images

One of the pages of the website had details of a “field trip” to Auschwitz. The application deadline for this trip was listed as “January 1945”. The page also stated that the students will be required to “walk into an SS office and declare themselves as Jews.” A picture of Adolf Hitler was also posted on one of the website pages and the name of the school was changed to “North Shore Concentration Camp.”

Headmaster Daniel Vitow told the press that “We are aware of the situation and are actively working with law enforcement.” The website was fortunately recovered but the trauma that the students faced cannot be undone. The Holocaust is one of the worst documented genocides in history. Finding humor in events such as these is highly insensitive to those who were exposed to it. The Jewish children carry the generational trauma of their forefathers who were brutally killed by the Hitler regime.

Nazi images and slur posted on the hacked website

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