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t’s been three years since the RIPE NCC declared that IPv4 addresses have been totally exhausted. Over 4 billion IPv4 addresses are gone, just like that. Back in the 80s, people thought that 4 billion was more than enough to sustain us for a lot longer than it did, but they were wrong. Due to this scarcity of internet protocol version 4, many companies, big and small, were in a pickle. They desperately needed more IPv4 space that the world doesn’t have anymore. This, however, also turned out not to be true.

The transfer market for IPv4 address space emerged and companies and businesses were saved. They could now buy IPv4 addresses in bulk that were going unused otherwise from people or other companies and businesses. But because of the high demand, the prices of these address spaces skyrocketed. Year after year without fail the price for a single IPv4 address goes higher. Those parties willing to buy that have a substantial amount of money are fine, they can afford still to buy the addresses in bulk. But the same can not be said for the majority. There is another way to obtain these addresses for a cheaper amount though, and that way is to lease.

Fast and cost-effective

The biggest pro in the pros and cons list of whether to lease IPv4 is its cost-effectiveness. As mentioned before, every year the price for IPv4 goes higher, thus for a small business that also needs quite a few of those address spaces, buying them in bulk is barely possible. So, rather than buying the address space, a small business can lease it instead. There are many advantages to leasing IPv4 address space instead of buying. Those benefits include not having to wait a long time to use the address space because transferring ownership takes a while, not having to deal with it after you don’t need them anymore, and being able to facilitate the transition to IPv6.

Seek an IP broker’s help

If you are convinced to lease some IPv4 addresses then you definitely need the help and resources an IP broker can provide. The entire process of entering this transfer market will go a lot smoother with the help of an IP broker, and you will avoid a lot more risks too. Find a trusted IP broker such as Prefix broker, and find someone who is willing to lease you all the IPv4 addresses you need.

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