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Russia terms Biden’s words to Putin as personal insult

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The words of US President Joe Biden to Russian President Vladimir Putin are a personal insult, according to Dmitry Peskov, the Russian President’s spokesman.

“We really hear and see statements that are actually already personal insults against President Putin,” Peskov said.

According to him, Biden makes such statements almost every day. He went on to say that the Kremlin would refrain from making harsh assessments so as not to incite further hostility.

Speaking at a Friends of Ireland dinner, Biden referred to Putin as a “bloody dictator” and a “thug.”

Earlier, Moscow considered “inadmissible and unforgivable” the words of Biden, who called Putin a “war criminal”, Peskov said.

The press secretary for Russia’s President recalled that US bombs killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

The words of Biden, who called Putin a “war criminal“, are “absolutely inadmissible, unacceptable, unforgivable,” Peskov said.

“Our President is a very wise, far-sighted and cultured international figure and the head of the Russian Federation,” said Peskov, answering a question as to why the head of state does not answer the American leader.

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