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Laos-based pharmaceutical companies to produce ‘herbal treatments’ for Covid in capsule form

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Laos-based pharmaceutical companies will begin producing herbal treatments for Covid-19 in capsule form.

Rattanaxay Phetsouvanh, Director General of the Lao Ministry of Health’s Department of Communicable Disease Control, told a press conference in Vientiane that Laos’ Institute of Traditional Medicine (ITM) has researched the process of producing herbal medications in capsule form, which are now being used to treat patients infected with Covid-19, according to Xinhua news agency.

“Medical personnel in Laos are already treating some 450 Covid-19 patients using herbal medicine capsules in the provinces of Champasak and Savannakhet,” said Rattanaxay.

“Herbal medicine has been seen to be effective in the treatment of respiratory diseases, particularly the Covid-19,” he added.

The Lao Ministry of Health reported 221 additional imported Covid-19 cases and 86 new locally transmitted cases on Tuesday, bringing the total number of coronavirus infections to 16,365.

A total of 11,330 Covid-19 patients have recovered and been discharged from hospitals as a result of the pandemic.

On March 24, last year, Laos reported its first two confirmed cases of Covid-19.

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