Making Your Business Reviews Work For You

A five-star review can work wonders for your business

There’s almost nothing that tops the feeling of receiving a glowing review for your business. When you work hard at something and hold yourself to high standards, it means even more when that effort is recognized. With that said, there’s no time to simply bask in the feeling of a good review – you need to make it work for you. Good reviews can do wonders for your business if you can get the right people to see them. This is our guide to making sure your business reviews do as much good as possible.

Appear on Relevant Search Engines

The first step to making sure your reviews are seen by a broad audience is to make sure that your business appears wherever it can be reviewed. Google Business is the obvious choice and any business with a premises should make sure that they have a listing. This works in tandem with Google Maps and shows your business and (hopefully 5-star) reviews to thousands of potential customers.

Of course, not everybody has a physical presence and, if that’s the case for your business, then Google Business might not be the best answer. Facebook allows business pages and gives users the opportunity to review them, as does Yahoo Business. However, there is another option that is perfect for online-only businesses and that’s to get reviewed by a specialist site.

Get Reviewed By a Specialist

Specialist sites will review your business under a magnifying glass


There are specialist review sites for all kinds of different businesses and making sure that your own company appears on one of them is essential. Often, consumers look to experts for opinions that they can trust. So, a glowing review on an expert website could do wonders for business. A good example of such a site is PokerNews, which prides itself on providing impartial reviews on some of the best online casinos¬†around. The reviews go into specific details that you wouldn’t find on something like a Google review, which can be helpful to consumers when choosing which site to use.

Review sites don’t just exist for online casinos though, Check a Trade is a great example of a review site for a service, rather than a product. Professionals and users of the tradespeople can provide reviews on the service that they received, and would-be clients can book directly through the review site, driving business to those who deserve it the most.

Create a Testimonials Page

Everybody knows that your website is one of your biggest selling points, especially if you’re an online-only business. Making a dedicated page for your best reviews is a great way to show potential customers that your business delivers on its promises. Far from starting out a content marketing campaign, this is a simple addition that can be achieved in relatively little time. If you receive a great review then reach out to the happy customer and ask if they’re happy for you to share it on the testimonials page. Reviews with images tend to perform particularly well, so if your customer is willing to provide a photo then so much the better.

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