Mastering a Computer: Tips for Senior People

Make an appointment with a doctor, pay utility bills, find a part-time job — this and much more can be done on a computer via the Internet. Understanding digital technologies is easy even for a senior. Today, those who have a computer can avoid standing in lines, be aware of all the main events, watch their favorite films and TV shows, without waiting for the right time indicated in the TV program, and always be in touch with the family. The ability to use a computer provides new opportunities and facilitates interaction with the modern world.

What computer programs should senior people study?

If you are interested in any program, and you want to understand it not on an amateur, but a professional level, online courses will help. Below we will talk about several popular programs:

1.     Mailing program

Every PC user knows that you can do almost nothing without a personal email address: you cannot register in social networks, subscribe for newsletters, register on a streaming

service, or just send a letter to a friend. Therefore, choose the mailing service, and create your account there. If you are a confident user, you may convert EML to MSG to create more free space in your inbox.

2.     Graphic editor

Having mastered any graphic editor, you can retouch old photos, create collages and animations. This is fun and allows you to recall the good old days, create thematic albums, or even work as a photographer in your free time.

3.     Excel

Create tables, build graphs and diagrams — all this allows you to do a spreadsheet editor. So, you can calculate your income and expenses, plan your trip, keep track of your utility bills, etc. You will also learn how to use formulas for calculations and visualize data in graphs and charts.

4.     Word

In a text editor, you can write long letters to relatives, compose poetry and write memoirs. You will be able to competently create long text documents, print and convert them into different formats.

5.     Video Editor

The program allows you to edit videos on a professional level. You will learn how to create simple video transitions, animations, titles, and video effects in several months. Then, you will be able to surprise your friends and relatives with animated gift cards on different holidays, create films about your trips, etc.

What extra income can you get?

The presence of a personal computer and fast Internet allows you to master a new profession in a short time and get additional income without leaving your home. Below are some of the most in-demand specialties that can be quickly mastered, even after retirement:

  • Proofreader;
  • Typesetter;
  • Remote account manager;
  • Call center operator;
  • Copywriter, etc.

The computer helps to keep in touch with the outside world and opens up new opportunities for communication, learning, and work. You can find old acquaintances on social networks, call loved ones by video call, even learn something new and find a job. Good luck!


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