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McDonald’s employee dries mop under fries warmer in shocking video

McDonald’s employee dries mop under fries warmer in shocking video
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An employee at an Australian McDonald’s was seen drying a wet mop under the heat lamp used for fries, NY Post reported. Both in-store and online customers were grossed out.

Debbie Barakat visited the McDonald’s in Booval, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia, on April 4 with her son. She saw the worker casually holding the mop close to the hot lights and fries.

Online and in-store customers disgusted by McDonald’s employee drying mop under fries warmer

As you can see from the clip, the employee isn’t trying to hide her unhygienic and unsafe drying method – she’s doing it right in front of customers. The employee is holding the damp just inches away from the hot lights and fries.

“I was just standing waiting for my order when I looked over and heard a staff member say; ‘I don’t think you should be doing that as it could be a safety issue as it can catch on fire,’” Barakat (the customer) told Yahoo! News Australia. She said she also saw other employees working around the one drying the mop, reaching over it to grab fries for their orders, TMZ reported.

“I was totally shocked at what I witnessed and she just laughed it off,” Barakat told Yahoo! “Something needs to be done as if they are happy to do something like this in front of customers what exactly do they do behind the scenes?”

The employee had just finished mopping the floor with the detachable microfiber mop head before she started drying it in front of the customers, NY Post reported.

Customer outraged over hygiene violation receives vague response from McDonald’s

The upset customer emailed the store’s manager about the stomach-churning act but only got a vague response.

“Be assured that we’re taking corrective action so a similar action will not reoccur,” the manager replied. A McDonald’s Australia spokesperson said it was an isolated incident, according to the outlet.

“McDonald’s takes food safety extremely seriously and follows strict cleaning, sanitization, and hygiene procedures in all restaurants,” the company said.

The employee caught in the unappetizing act will keep her job, as the fast food chain focuses on better training its workers.

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