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Minecraft Snapshot 22w42a not working and feature missing: reports

Minecraft Snapshot 22w42a not working

Many players are frustrated with bugs showing up in Minecraft where the Snapshot 22w42a is not working. Many features such as marketplace,realm, bedrock textures, are also missing or not loading.

Reports of Minecraft Snapshot 22w42a not working

Minecraft released the  Snapshot 22w42a as the initial Snapshot for v1.19.3. It introduced some amazing game features and the improved ‘Panorama Scroll Speed’ option in the accessibility tools.

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Unfortunately, players have been unable to access the new features in Snapshot 22w42a. Some even claim that the features are not showing in their profiles.

Players took to social media to express their disappointment and annoyance over the issue.

“I have the snapshot installed. It even says “snapshot 22w42a” in the bottom left corner of the main menu. But when creating a world, there are none of the new things. I can’t figure out why,” a confused user posted.

“When trying to play on the new snapshot, I can’t see the new camel spawn egg or even summon one in. The same is true about the new hanging signs. I can see all the new bamboo blocks (aside for the hanging sign ofc). Any reason this might be happening? How do I fix it?,” a player asked.

Players used backport mods to try and add these features to 1.19.2 but the camel and hanging signs didn’t appear in their creative catalog.

Here’s what you should do to get the features back

According to some users, the reason you are missing out on the Snapshot features is that you might have missed some steps. Here is how you can access the experimental features.

“For that, you first need to create a new world -> toggle settings -> select the relevant data pack, and enable the features,” they posted.

It is possible that you will be able to gain access to all of the new Snapshot 22w42a features and options. Try out the above-mentioned steps.

Additionally, there has been no acknowledgment of the issue from Mojang. Earlier, Minecraft players had expressed their anger over the ‘Player’ or ‘Chat’ reporting feature and launched a petition to remove it.


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