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Mom of the year: Mother picks someone else’s kid in viral video

A viral video surfacing online shows an extremely amusing incident (actually, we could not decide whether the incident is hilarious or extremely sad, hence we thought amusing is the perfect word to describe it). The video captured by a CCTV camera records a mother picking up someone else’s kid, mistaking someone else’s kid as her own. This mother has earned herself the title of “mom of the year” after her tiny mistake.

A mother picks someone else’s kid by mistake

The viral video shows a woman doing her grocery while holding a child in a pink jacket with one arm while moving the trolley with the other arm. This woman wearing a blue jacket is tapped on the back with another woman and a man who appears to be her husband. This new woman laughs and proceeds to hold the baby in a pink jacket from the woman in the blue jacket.

The woman in the blue jacket appears perplexed, the other woman points towards an aisle at the back. It was at this moment that the woman in the blue jacket realizes she mistook someone else’s kid as her own. The next scene shows the woman in a blue jacket hurrying to the aisle at the back and emerging with her own child. In her defense, both children are wearing matching pink jackets.

The video is making rounds on social media, several people are expressing anger at the mother while the others are just enjoying the incident. Such incidents are a chance to step back from the keyboard and ask yourself the following question: do I know the entire story? Chances are you do not. Some keyboard warriors even went ahead to claim that the mother “did not deserve to have children.”

Mom of the year? heck yes!

Here is a list of reasons why the incident could have happened: The mother in the video is a single parent, she is probably exhausted and disoriented from taking care of the child all alone – mental exhaustion and poor mental health can often cause such incidents. The woman is sick and already suffering to get her groceries. It is difficult and challenging to look after a child, we all make mistakes sometimes. Just because she mistook her child for another does not mean that she does not love her child.

Society is quick to bash mothers and accuse them of not being “good enough.” The truth is no one is a perfect mother, we should cut these women some slack. It is not easy taking care of a child, no woman is born knowing how to do these tasks, most of them learn through trial and error. There is no one manual that exists on how to be a perfect mother. Humans are not perfect, we are not meant to be perfect.

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