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Mongolia plans to offer fourth Covid jab

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Mongolian Health Minister Sereejav Enkhbold said on Wednesday that the country plans to offer a fourth dose of Covid-19 vaccine to its citizens on a voluntary basis.

“We are now working on a decision to administer the fourth dose,” as the number of daily infections in the country is increasing again due to New Year celebrations, Enkhbold said during a press conference.

According to the health ministry, Mongolia recorded 585 new Covid infections in the last 24 hours, the highest number since December 1, 2021, bringing the national total to 392,189.

The disease has claimed the lives of 1,992 people in the country so far, with three more patients dying in the last day.

So far, 66.5 percent of Mongolia’s 3.4 million population has received two Covid vaccine doses, with 922,681 people over the age of 18 receiving a booster.

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