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More unmarked graves found near former residential school in BC, Canada

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According to media reports, more than 160 unmarked graves have been discovered near a former indigenous residential school in Canada’s British Columbia province.

The Penelakut Tribe discovered “undocumented and unmarked” graves near the Kuper Island Industrial School, which operated from 1890 to 1975 on Penelakut Island, formerly known as Kuper Island, and where many horrors have already been documented, according to a CTV report on Monday night.

The report, however, did not say how the graves were discovered.

It is the country’s fourth discovery of unmarked graves near indigenous residential schools.

On June 30, the indigenous community Aq’am announced the discovery of 182 people’s remains in unmarked graves near a former indigenous residential school near Cranbrook, British Columbia.

On June 24, the Cowessess First Nation, a Saskatchewan-based indigenous group, announced the preliminary discovery of 751 unmarked graves near a former indigenous residential school.

The bodies of 215 indigenous children were discovered in unmarked graves near the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia on May 28.

Survivors of Canada’s indigenous residential schools said the findings were only the tip of the iceberg, reinitiating their grief and trauma.

Between the 1890s and 1996, an estimated 150,000 indigenous children were reportedly removed from their homes and forced to attend residential schools across Canada.


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