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New poll shows most Americans doubt Biden is mentally sharp enough to serve second term

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According to a recent poll, most Americans do not have confidence in Biden’s mental sharpness to serve a second term as President, NY Post reported.

Poll reveals 63% of Americans don’t think Biden’s mental sharpness is enough for him to be re-elected

Following Biden’s announcement of his candidacy for reelection, a Washington Post-ABC News poll revealed that a majority of Americans, 63%, do not think that the 80-year-old President possesses the mental acuity necessary to effectively lead the nation.

Additionally, 62% of respondents expressed doubts about Biden’s physical health, stating that they do not believe he is fit enough to hold the office.

Throughout his tenure at the White House, Biden has faced numerous questions about his fitness for office due to his occasional errors and verbal slip-ups, NY Post reported.

Allies and associates of the Democrat are preparing to field criticism regarding his age, as well as his mental and physical capabilities, during his reelection campaign, The Hill reported in March.

When Americans were asked about former President Donald Trump’s mental sharpness during his time in office, 54% of respondents believed that he was fit to serve effectively, according to Washington Post.

Majority believe Trump and Biden too old for presidency

The polling suggests that 64% of Americans believed that Trump, at 76 years old, was physically fit to serve as President.

However, the poll also found that 43% of Americans believed that both Biden and Trump were too old to serve new terms if they were to win the presidency, while 28% believed that neither candidate was too old.

According to the survey, 26% of respondents felt that Biden alone was too old to hold office, while only 1% felt that Trump was too old, according to Washington Post.

When broken down by party affiliation, around 20% of Democrats stated that their party’s leader does not have the required mental sharpness or physical health to serve effectively.

In contrast, a significant majority of Republicans, approximately 94%, believed that Biden lacks the mental capacity to perform his duties as President. Additionally, around 70% of independent voters expressed doubts about Biden’s mental and physical fitness to hold office.

The Washington Post also cited the example of Clarissa Wadley, a 30-year-old independent poll respondent, who stated that she is “very concerned” about Biden’s mental acuity. However, she clarified that her concerns were not rooted in ageism.

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