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OANN website down: One America News Network shows 403 Forbidden Error

OANN website down and offline One America News Networks

Update 13:35 EST Nov 27: The OANN website after being down briefly is back up now. Users are now able to access it.

Update 13:20 EST Nov 27: OANN website is down right now. One America News Network site goes offline, report users on Twitter and other social media websites. The website is currently showing 403 Forbidden error when accessed.

The reason behind website’s outage is not known yet. However, a 403 Forbidden error means that users / readers do not have permission to view the requested file or resource. While sometimes this is intentional, other times it is due to misconfigured permissions.

Update Nov 4: The website is up for some users around the world but it appears to be extremely slow.

According to reports, the website for One America News Network (OANN) is offline. OANN is one of the most popular news agencies in the United States. The website going down at such a crucial time in world politics is disappointing. The OANN website is down and offline for all users around the globe. The reason for the OANN website going down are still unknown, it is likely that the site glitched or ran into technical difficulties.

OANN Website is down and offline

It is possible that the website is down due to heavy traffic since every US citizen is glued to the TV screen at the moment. Earlier today, several people appreciated OANN for broadcasting accurate news. This was when several people accused Fox News of broadcasting misinformation. One user tweeted, “It’s important to address Fox and its impact on all of this. It is not normal that almost half the country lives in another reality. Difference of opinions are normal, it is to be expected..but the level of brainwashing in the US is beyond ridiculous.

Another user reported, “I will no longer watch fox for anything. If you are not blatant lying hypocrites, you will demand and force your network to flip Arizona or step down. You betrayed your viewers and now I’m only watching @OANN.” OANN became popular for broadcasting accurate election proceedings which is why it attracted massive traffic. The reason for the OANN website being down and offline has not been revealed yet. Although, it is speculated that the website crashed due to heavy traffic.

Biased reporting?

Several US citizens have resorted to Twitter to complain about biased reporting by some of the biggest news companies. One user tweeted, “Trump supporters are brainwashed by lies continuously circulated on fox, oann, brietbart, etc. They believe the lies because they don’t know anything else. Truth is kept from them for so long they will believe whatever the propaganda machine tells them.

Misinformation and an impartial stance maintained by news agency are one of the biggest causes of electoral influence. Media has been used as a tool to influence people since its inception. Several states treat spreading misinformation or biased reporting as a criminal offense.

Earlier today, the President of OANN tweeted, “Massive audience tonight. A big THANK YOU to all our viewers! Our tech guys had to call third party vendors for more capacity. Our expectations were far exceeded. Thank you for joining us, more coverage throughout the evening and into the morning.” Several people have praised election coverage by OANN for being unbiased and truthful.

The website is currently showing “Error establishing a database connection” message.


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