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OpenAI ChatGPT login loop, internal server error comes to light

OpenAI ChatGPT login loop, internal server error comes to light

Multiple users are either stuck in a continuous login loop or receive an internal server error on OpenAI ChatGPT.

AI is the hottest trend, and some say it has boundless potential and will make an impact on our world comparable to the industrial era. OpenAI developed a model called ChatGPT to interact with users in a conversational way. ChatGPT may answer follow-up questions, admit errors, and even deny unsuitable requests.

It has the ability to alter the way search engines work in the future because it can answer complex inquiries and even do tough activities such as contract preparation for users.

Reports of OpenAI ChatGPT login loop internal server error

Users can use their OpenAI account to access Playground for OpenAI and DaVinci graphic AI. owever, some are caught in a loop when attempting to use OpenAI ChatGPT.

The issue appears to develop while attempting to log into one’s account. After confirming their credentials and pressing the login button, they are returned to the login screen.

This happens despite many attempts and the use of multiple accounts from various platforms, including mobile.

“Okay bro I can’t login to use ChatGPT what’s going on @OpenAI it tells me to login signs in but brings me straight back to the login page,” a user reported.

Another affected user posted: “So ChatGPT is overloaded and not accepting my login. Given all the buzz, I’m impressed that the free mode lasted this long. Obviously, some kind of paid access model is next. Just hope it’s one I can afford.”

Aside from login issues, some users are receiving an error code when they submit OpenAI ChatGPT query. After a few exchanges, or occasionally at the beginning of the chat, users see a ‘Internal server error‘ message as a reply to their inquiry.

Try this potential workaround 

Luckily, a viable workaround could resolve the login loop issue. All you need to do is check your inbox for an email from OpenAI, and then confirm your account.

Users are now reporting that when ChatGPT replies with particularly long answers, they receive a ‘network error.’

There is no official acknowledgment of the issue yet.

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