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Israeli media reports a Pakistani delegation visited Israel

Pakistan delegation visit Israel

According to reports surfacing online, it appears that a delegation from Pakistan has paid a visit to Israel. A Jewish media outlet reported, “BREAKING: Sources tell Belaaz that a delegation from Pakistan, a country which has no ties with Israel, has secretly visited in Tel Aviv, Israel last month.” Pakistan’s government has not officially acknowledged this delegation nor provided any other details. Moreover, Pakistan has been strict on its stance of not recognizing the state of Israel. These reports indicate that a major development might be made soon between the two states.

Pakistan delegation made a visit to Israel

Israeli media also avoided giving details of the delegation due to censorship restrictions. The meeting would pose a potential national security threat if made public. This news comes amidst growing diplomatic relations of Israel with several Arab states. The past few months have been characterized by a number of peace agreements between Israel and other states across the globe.

The news received mixed reactions. Several citizens of Pakistan urged the government to reveal the details of this delegation because as citizens of the state, these people hold the right to know. One user said, “Nation of Pakistan wants to know Which govt official flew to Israel from the London to Tel Aviv and what is the Reason behind the visit this secret journey is not the secret now, this news is spreading all over the Pakistan community.”

Israeli media has reported that the delegation from Pakistan flew about two weeks ago. However, no such news was given on Pakistan media. Moreover, Pakistan has been in a decades-long conflict with Israel. In the past few months, several media anchors in Pakistan have stressed the importance of extending diplomatic relations to Israel. They state that it is pertinent to maintain a relationship with Israel for Geo-political purposes.

Will Pakistan recognize Israel?

Last months, while in an interview with local news the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan stated that he faced pressure from an unnamed friendly state to recognize Israel. His comments were widely interpreted as pointing towards Saudi Arabia. However, there are strict censorship restrictions that Pakistan’s media faces when talking with regards to Israel.

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