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Pakistan’s second largest province to arrest unvaccinated citizens

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In an unprecedented move, the Sindh province’s government in Pakistan has issued orders to arrest citizens from across the province who have not been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

After the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) issued new orders to expedite the COVID-19 vaccination in the country, the Sindh Government has decided to arrest unvaccinated citizens in the province.

According to a notification issued by the Sindh Home Department, motorway travellers will be required to be vaccinated by September 20, 2021. When the deadline expires, unvaccinated travellers will be arrested and imprisoned.

According to NCOC order, unvaccinated passengers will no longer be able to travel by train from now on.

The notification also stated that all employees of transportation companies must be vaccinated or their buses and other equipment will be confiscated by authorities. The same is true for hotels and restaurants, which will be closed to unvaccinated employees, including those involved in home delivery.

According to NCOC data, over 72 million doses have been administered, with over 54 million people receiving their first shot and approximately 24 million are fully vaccinated.

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