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Pangu Team Remotes Jailbreak iPhone 13 Pro

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Apple’s latest Pro model of iPhone has been the highest performing model in the series, in terms of sales. Coincidently, iPhone 13 Pro is also the first one to get a jailbreak.

Team remotely jailbreaks iPhone 13 Pro in China

In the recently held Annual Tianfu Cup in China, a white hat hacker from Team Pangu managed to complete the first-ever public remote jailbreak of the iPhone 13 Pro and take home $300,000.

It’s the first time that iPhone 13 has been jailbroken at such a large event. Interestingly Team Pangu was also behind the jailbreaking of iOS 9 a while back. After the release of their jailbreak of the iOS 9, it is very likely that Team Pangu focused mainly upon breaking into iPhones, however, they did so without sharing the information online.

The team will most probably report their findings to Apple leading to the flaws getting patched.

Team Pangu will not be making its findings public. iPhoneHacks has some things to say regarding this as well:

Sadly, this does not mean that a jailbreak tool for the iPhone 13 Pro is around the corner. The exploits behind jailbreaks demoed at cybersecurity events are rarely if ever, released to the public. So, don’t get your hopes too high on an iPhone 13 Pro jailbreak being around the corner.”

The good and the bad

The feat accomplished by the Chinese team has brought both good and bad news for users. The bad news is that the jailbreaking team has no plans to release a public tool. This means that our hopes for getting our hands on a jailbroken iPhone 13 would have to wait before they could be fulfilled. And it will provide Apple with the opportunity to patch up the exploits.

The good news is that jailbreaking the iPhone 13 Pro is completely possible, so it’s only a matter of time before someone else develops a similar solution to unlock the device.

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