Pfizer Boss, Dr. Fauci say vaccine shots may be needed every year

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Ever since Covid-19 emerged in 2020, the world dynamics changed drastically. With over a year of wearing masks, following social distancing, isolation, sanitizing, and vaccination, the threat of Coronavirus infection seemed to fizzle out. However, according to the recent update from Dr Anthony Fauci where he advised the Americans to be ready to take booster shots yearly so that high levels of protection can be maintain against the infection. However, on the bright side, Dr Fauci also notified that despite the threat of Omicron, travelling is still safe during the holiday season.

‘Many of us will have to travel during the holidays,’ stated Fauci. ‘What you do when you travel, you take care.’

Moreover, according to the reports by CNN, Dr Fauci stated that it is still too early to affirm that annual boosters are required to combat Omicron, and all we have right now is assumptions and potential measures to keep ourselves safe. He also said that currently, all we can do right now is to wait and observe the impact of Omicron on the world. The best possible outcome is to get enhanced immunity owing to the existing vaccination, and the situation will be dealt with according to the evolution of the global pandemic.

Dr Fauci also hopes that we get a durability of immunity by the booster shot so that we don’t have to be terrorized and go into “panic mode” every time the new coronavirus evolves into a new variant. However, only time will decide how close we are to that outcome.

Dr Fauci advised the vaccinated individuals with a booster shot to continue wearing masks and following Covid–19 protocols particularly in the gatherings and places where the vaccination status of others is not clear. Furthermore, Dr Fauci urges that if you still haven’t been vaccinated yet, right now is the best time to do so.

In other news, Pfizer boss also released a similar statement and advised Britons to be prepared to take jabs annually in order to maintain the required level of protection.

He told the BBC: “Based on everything I have seen so far, I would say that annual vaccinations . . . are likely to be needed to maintain a very robust and very high level of protection.”


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