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Pixelbook Go Hinge broke: Google doesn’t offer warranty

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Google’s Pixelbook Go warranty policy does not cover physical damage if your Chromebook’s hinge broke.

Pixelbook Go hinge broke within warranty

Pixelbook Go is the ultimate Chromebook for people that don’t want expensive machines like Google’s previous Pixelbook. Its excellent keyboard and great battery life are among its best characteristics. Also, the smart clean design of Pixelbook Go makes it a good choice for anyone.

But recently, people witnessed a major flaw in its design when their Pixelbook Go’s hinge broke within few months of use. People reported that the Pixelbook Go’s hinge suffered a breakage issue after using it for as little as 3 months.

“I have had the exact same problem with my Pixelbook Go. 5 months in and one hinge has completely come off and Google insists that it is “accidental” or “cosmetic” damage. Any day now, the ribbon to the screen is going to come off rendering this $1000 device useless. Google refuses to take any responsibility for this.” Pixelbook Help

“Same issue here. Very dissapointed after spending 1k 4 months ago.” Reddit

I had the right hinge break on my Pixelbook Go after owning it for four months. This sounds like a known defect with the product. I was referred to a Google approved repair center. The estimate given was $480.00! Extremely disappointed that this wouldn’t be a warranty repair. Pixelbook Help

Generally, if a device goes through damage within the first 6 months of purchase then the buyer can always claim a warranty. However, the Pixelbook Go warranty policy doesn’t cover such defects or breaking issues. A Community Specialist responded to an affected user’s complaint:

“Thanks for reaching out regarding this matter, and I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this experience. Your case has been already escalated with our higher tier of support. However, the replacement was declined due to our Warranty Policy does not cover physical, accidental and cosmetic damages.”

Repair cost

Moreover, the Pixelbook Go hinge break repair would cost around $ 400-500 which is quite frustrating. Whereas, other users posted issues where the hinge didn’t break but it sticks and clicks loudly each time it opens or closes.

However, on a positive note, Google is already aware of the issue and an investigation is underway. It would be great if Google revises its policy and offers a replacement or repair free of cost.

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