Planning Your Perfectly Romantic Staycation

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What you and your partner find romantic depends on what type of people you are. Some people find walking along sandy beaches holding hands in the sunlight romantic and very enjoyable, whereas other much prefer dappled sunlight through the branches of trees on woodland walks or in the countryside with the birds singing in the treetops. Some people like to go around old towns or villages, visit castles or abbey ruins. When planning a romantic staycation with your partner, be sure to do your research. If it is going to be a surprise for them, then you are going to have to be careful how you go about enquiring so that you do not give the game away.

Getting your car up to scratch

It is so important that your car be ready for you to travel in when planning to go away for a road trip or a short break in it. There is nothing that ruins a happy holiday mood more than being stuck at the side of the road on your way to your chosen destination with a broken-down car.

If you feel that you are not sure if your car is roadworthy or that maybe it is time to get another one and travel in style, perhaps looking into reputable dealers of used cars Pontypool is the answer. Being able to check out online how much you will be looking to pay for your perfect car if you can afford to pay a lump sum or if not, how much the price would be on a monthly payment plan is very beneficial and can help with your plans should you need to budget.

Planning your route

It is important to plan your route carefully and make sure that there are plenty of romantic stops to be had along the way to break up the long journey if you are planning to go far.

Packing a romantic style picnic wrapped lovingly with lots of treats your loved ones like along with their favorite beverage served in fluted styled glassware can help set the mood, especially if the weather is agreeable. When a picnic is laid on a traditional chequered blanket in dabbled sunlight, it can give a truly romantic classic feel to the day and add promise to the rest of your staycation.

It is important not to rush your journey but make it memorable and a big part of your going away adventure.

Booking your perfect attractions

To carry on your staycation in the way that you have started it, make sure to book locations or attractions to save on disappointment. This is especially true if there are any important proposals that you wish to make. When it comes to romantic breaks, be aware of local school holidays, as if there is one thing that is likely to bring a romantic location to its knees, it is being full of screaming uncontrollable children. You and your partner will end up feeling over-stressed, wound up, and as far from a romantic mood as you are likely to get, especially if you have no children of your own.

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