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Players disappointed as COD: Warzone 2 match stats not working

Players disappointed as COD: Warzone 2 match stats not working
Source: Call of Duty Blog

Multiple COD: Warzone 2 players are experiencing an issue where the match stats are not working. They are also not displaying correctly at the end of the match on the combat record or main stats page.

Reports of COD: Warzone 2 match stats not working after latest update

Gamers usually track their in-game stats to measure their performance and improve their strategies. However, players of Warzone 2 are reporting that they are no longer able to do so after a recent update.

Some players have claimed that after installing the update, their kill/death ratio, weapon statistics, and previous match records are not being tracked. Others have reported that the latest patch has caused stats for specific areas, including Al Mazrah and Ashika Island, to be disregarded.

This issue has persisted for several days, and no resolution has been provided yet, which is causing disappointment among some players.

A player posted: “Stats on general – no stats are tracking for Warzone – kd hasn’t changed, weapon stats haven’t updated, previous 10 games still showing the last 10 games of season 2.”

‘What’s the point of stats in #mw2 at this point? DMZ stats that were just put in are no longer tracking, BR and MP stats have clear inaccuracies, and it’s season 3 of 5. Might as well take them back out,” another player wrote.

The Season 3 update for Call of Duty: Warzone 2, addressed several known bugs and gameplay issues. These included the inability to activate quick fix after plating in the Resurgence modes, and inaccurate tracking of Battle Royale victories in combat records. Despite these fixes, the update appears to have also introduced new glitches.

Acknowledgment + potential workaround

The Raven Software support team has recognized the problem and is investigating it, but there is no official estimate on when it will be fixed.

However, there is a solution to the issue. Instead of the combat record or main stats page, players can check the accurate stats on the leaderboard for the time being.

“Stats for WZ are tracking correctly on the leaderboards just not on the combat record so look at the leaderboards when checking your stats,” a player suggested.

We hope the issue gets resolved soon so players can continue playing the game without any interruptions.

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