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Poco Store app is now finally available to download

Poco Store App

An alternative for the Poco store site is now finally launched in the form of a separate Poco Store app which is available to download.

Poco Store App is finally here

Poco appeared as Xiaomi’s sub-brand and its first smartphone was the Poco F1. It readily gained consumers’ attention due to its powerful yet affordable smartphones.

The company kept functioning as Xiaomi’s sub-brand until January 2020. It announced to be working as an independent brand from then onwards.

After its first launch, the company headed to India to release its first smartphone called the Poco X2 followed by the Poco M2 Pro.

With the announcement of Poco as an independent brand, it has gradually proved itself a separate identity. The brand has removed its product listings from the Xiaomi store site and also announced releasing Poco Community for its fans back in December.

However, both the Poco Community and the Poco store are still in developmental stages and need significant improvements. There is no mobile support on either of the two sites even after months of rollout. Users found the mobile view of the available Poco Community website a total fail.

Poco recently conducted a QnA session where they asked for feedback from users for their new community site. They even hinted about the features that users can possibly receive in the near future.

The layout has a dark theme

The layout for the Poco store app is similar to the existing Mi Store app. But the dark theme makes it look great following Poco’s signature yellow as the brand color.

The app looks quite classy and neat however it is not yet available in all regions including India, where Poco has the largest fan following.

As of now, the Poco Store app is only available in four languages and regions namely Spain, France, Indonesia, and Italy.

People residing in the regions where the Poco Store app is supported can check out this download link.


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