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Poland to reinforce intelligence services over Russia threat

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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Tuesday announced that the EU and NATO member would boost its intelligence services amid sabotage attempts and concerns over neighbouring Russia.

The announcement comes days after a Polish judge, Tomasz Szmydt, fled to neighbouring Belarus — a Russian ally — and reportedly asked for asylum. He is now under investigation for espionage.

“I took the decision to allocate 100 million zloty ($25 million)… to reinforce the ABW internal security agency and the AW intelligence agency,” Tusk told reporters.

He said, without providing details, that over the past few months, several attempts at diversion, sabotage and arson were undertaken in Poland but “were fortunately averted thanks to the vigilance of our services and allies”.

He also warned against “different types of Russian interference before the European Parliament elections, including in the electoral process itself”, calling it “increasingly concerning”.

“Therefore the Polish state has to, and will, be prepared on the organisational, financial and logistical level to prevent this kind of activity,” Tusk said.

“I want you to know — my partners in Europe have already understood it — that Russia’s activity will intensify and this will require us to remain focussed.”

Tusk announced that Poland would reinforce its border with Belarus, which also constitutes a European Union border, and said there were ongoing talks within the bloc regarding defence funding.

“The issue of protecting borders, be it from migrants or hybrid warfare or the threat of direct war, is a question that concerns all of Europe,” Tusk said.

“There shouldn’t be a shortage of funds and Poland will certainly be… a priority, its border will be a priority.”

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