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Pompeo Defied All Standards Of Decency By Comparing China To Nazi Germany

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The US has carried out a series of aggressive information warfare attacks against China since the beginning of the year, but its Secretary of State just crossed the red line by comparing it to Nazi Germany over the weekend.

Pompeo told The Daily Caller on Saturday that “The promises that the Chinese Communist Party had made in their treaty with the United Kingdom that they broke when they made the decision to deny Hong Kong people the freedoms that they had been promised were similar to some of the promises that were broken back in the days when Germany advanced against the rest of Europe.”

His words deserve to be condemned as harshly as possible because of how perversely they distort history and the dangerous, warmongering future that they imply.

Reading between the lines (which isn’t difficult given how obvious Pompeo made his message), America’s top diplomat is comparing President Xi to Hitler, China to Nazi Germany, and Hong Kong to Czechoslovakia. The innuendo is that contemporary China is on the brink of starting a World War just like Nazi Germany did, hence why it must be stopped as soon as possible before it’s too late. This devious information warfare message is also meant to encourage other countries to rally around the US in order to collectively “contain” China.

There’s no diplomatic way to say this other than to directly state that he’s dead wrong. President Xi is the opposite of Hitler since the Chinese leader supports peace, cooperation, and prosperity among all the world’s people through the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), not war, discord, and poverty for people of other ethnicities like Hitler did. China is also communist while Nazi Germany was fascist, and these two ideologies literally fought one another to the death during World War II.

About that, the Chinese were victimized by the fascist Empire of Japan which actually set the pattern that Nazi Germany would later follow. Many Westerners are ignorant of the fact that the Empire of Japan started World War II with its invasion of China in 1937 and was the first of the eventual Axis Powers to carry out racist attacks, ethnic cleansing, and even genocide of the occupied people that it regarded as “sub-humans”. Either Pompeo doesn’t know this, or even worse, he does, but still made his comparison anyhow to hurt the Chinese’s feelings.

The geopolitical impact that his irresponsible words could have is extremely dangerous. Maliciously misportraying modern-day China as the new Nazi Germany is intended to radicalize the leadership of regional countries into making them think that they, just like the non-German European people and the non-Japanese Asian ones during World War II, are facing an impending genocide in a forthcoming World War unless they actively contribute to the US’ “containment” efforts against China in order to “preserve peace”.

Their populations should know better considering that they too had all suffered at the hands of actual fascists (the Empire of Japan) during the last World War, but some of them might be misled by their radicalized leaderships and incessant anti-Chinese propaganda that they’re exposed to. It would be very sad to see some people turning against their fellow comrades-in-arms with whom they had collectively defeated fascism several generations ago and instead of falling for the fake news that China has turned into the new fascist threat.

Pompeo’s latest anti-Chinese propaganda goes against all standards of historical and international decency. It is a new low for American diplomacy, but it also goes to show just how desperate it is to assemble its envisaged anti-Chinese regional coalition. These plans haven’t been as successful as the US initially expected otherwise it wouldn’t have to stoop to such a low level of information warfare in an attempt to scare others into following its lead under the completely false pretext that China is this century’s Nazi Germany, which isn’t true at all.

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