Practical Task: Try Writing About Fear to Get Rid of It

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Writing about your fears records your feelings, personal thoughts, and various insights. Sometimes you feel like you are held back by something, but you cannot tell exactly what it is!

At times, you might feel that you want to write about it, but you have a lot of conflicts from within. That’s when you can hardly stick to one topic that you are worried about. Here is the best are the best ways to approach this process.

Think about what the fear is about

In this case, you have to think of your fear like an instruction manual. There are many times when you can quickly figure out how to use equipment but reading the manual is always essential. Taking time to think about the fear gives you similar directions of what to write. Are you worried? Suppose the answer is yes!

Then you have to ask yourself the following question, which is always tricky. What’s my fear all about? It’s often hard to define what’s troubling you, especially when you have many jumbled thoughts and false narratives.

Define your worst fear

In the list of the things you are afraid of? Of course, you will have almost identical elements due to confusion, but you have to single out one. Discuss that fear in detailed writing. Ways you have faced that kind of anxiety should clearly be stated. What happened?

Here you also have to describe how the experience of it affects your life. Amidst all these challenges, you can try to describe ways through which you think you should handle the things that hold you back.

Keep the descriptions simple

Keeping things simple means that you have to write things that you can understand. It doesn’t matter if you think they won’t make sense to anyone else. Sometimes it’s always hard to get out of confusion. Use phrases that you can understand with ease,

Avoid ambiguous words that you cannot understand later when going through them. Whenever possible, you can use the local dialect to describe things that you don’t understand their wordings in English. You can read overcoming the fear essay samples on Samplius. Reading these samples will help you gain insights into how to control your fears better and with ease. Topics in these informative essays are coined by great researchers who understand the importance of journaling about fear.

Here are the reasons you should write about your fear and how to get rid of it.

It reduces your fear 

Psychologists link writing about your fear and how to get rid of it. Research shows that people who write about their fears and how to get rid of them end up with increased feelings of well-being. When you put your feelings on paper, you get some space away from them.

The fact that you can sit down and write about your fears shows that they are not as scary as you thought. Imagine those are the situations that you thought were impossible! Within a few minutes, you will see no relevance in thinking about things that are not adding value to your life.

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You get to process your feelings

Nothing overcomes fear like processing your feelings. And the best way to process your feelings is by writing about them. In this case, you are attaching all the best phrases regarding how you are feeling, and you will think of whether the events behind the fear are actual or just illusions. Sometimes in life, people fear that nothing is going to happen even when things are clear.

They have not mastered the best ways to overcome weak points is through writing it. Processing your feelings softens your heart, making your fears malleable enough to be worked on. For some of the issues you are afraid of, you will realize they are useless and don’t make sense.

You open yourself to insights

Every fear written down is an insight to be drawn at the end of the process. You have all the answers with you, but the fear you have is causing a lot of confusion and preventing you from thinking correctly. Take at least five minutes to read through the fears you have described after writing each. Be assured you will gain insights even before you exhaust all your fears.

The fun bit of this process is that your moods improve with time. And by the time you write about the last point that you can remember. You will be surprised how the end is different from the beginning. That’s because you have opened yourself to connection. Fear is often personal, and that has a lot of power. If you write about it and read through you will find deeper insights.


Do not let things you cannot understand hold you back for several days. You can easily overcome your fears by writing them down on paper and going through them one by one. Be clear and precise while thinking about the issue tormenting you. You will feel relaxed because you have gained insights by thinking about the issues you were fearing.

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