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PS4 users want Discord support like PS5

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After the recent integration of Discord with PS5, PS4 users are demanding support for the platform on their older consoles. They are left disappointed that the option is not available to them.

PS4 owners disappointed by Discord integration on PS5 only, demand support from the platform

Gamers have been utilizing Discord for a long time, so it’s not surprising that the recent update on PS5, which includes Discord integration, has excited players.

With the new integration, users can take a call on their phone or computer and transfer it to their PS5, which may seem complicated but is actually seamless.

Although Discord is available for PC, mobile, and now PS5 devices, there is no integration for PS4, causing PS4 Discord users to express their desire for integration with their console.

Many upset players took to social media platforms to express their concerns.

“Ok I play on Xbox series and it works just fine for me and my friends who are still on the one this is just sad on Sony’s part I might prefer Xbox but this is just dumb ps4 should have discord the same as PS5 the one and the series I should be able to talk to my friends if I want,” wrote one person.

If PS4 integration happens, players can connect to Discord servers and communicate with their friends while playing games on their system.
Although third-party applications have attempted to provide this feature, they are unofficial and, therefore, unreliable.

Some feel like they are being compelled to upgrade to PS5 or are being gradually phased out by being locked out of such a popular communication app.

“They are trying to force you to update to PS5 if you want discord chat basically unless the ps4 discord is coming at a later date??” a Twitter user shared.

Discord has not announced any plans for PS4 integration yet

It’s worth noting that Discord has already integrated with Xbox One, which is a console from the same generation. As a result, the unavailability of Discord integration on PS4 has been perplexing for some.

At the moment, Discord has not officially announced any plans to integrate with PS4. However, the company is known to listen to user feedback and implement features based on their demands.

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