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PS5 has just 664GB of usable storage space; Fans disappointed

ps5 664GB storage space

PlayStation 5 has received an overwhelming response from pre-order customers around the world. The console offers 825GB of SSD storage. The usable storage space is always lower than whatever companies advertise. But many fans are disappointed after learning that the PS5 has only 664GB of usable SSD storage space. The relatively small storage makes it difficult for them to install a large number of games.

PS5’s usable storage space is just 664GB

According to Press Start, the PS5’s usable storage space is limited to just 664GB. That’s the storage capacity left for gamers after Sony’s OS and system files are installed. By comparison, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X packs 1TB of SSD storage, of which 802GB is available to customers. Both consoles use the SSD storage technology, which speeds up the load time.

The PlayStation 5 owners will have to juggle between games installed on the physical device and the cloud. In contrast, the Microsoft Xbox Series X owners will have some additional room for storage. Microsoft is also working on a solution to manage local storage on its consoles. It would allow players to uninstall parts of games while still keeping them usable. If you are no longer interested in the campaign mode, you can uninstall it to free up storage. The rest of the game will stay intact.

A headache for gamers?

The 664GB of usable storage space on PS5 won’t be sufficient for most gamers. Titles like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Destiny 2 could occupy between 50GB and 200GB of storage each. For instance, the Spider Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition would need at least 105GB of storage. Call of Duty could take up even higher storage.

It means players will have to choose which of their favorite games they can keep on local storage. The rest could go to cloud. Of course, they can use external storage, but it won’t be as snappy as the internal SSD one.

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