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Putin says EU vote to test support for ‘traditional values’

Russia hails 'record' win for Putin in vote with no opposition
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Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at an economic forum on Friday, said that the European Parliament elections will test the level of support for “traditional values” in Western countries.

Putin, in a speech at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, lamented that “European culture” — or “Christian culture” — “is being killed in (Western) European countries”.

“Where is this European culture? It will soon be completely gone. Only architectural monuments will remain,” Putin said, blaming “global liberalism”.

But, Putin suggested there would be a backlash at the polls.

“Realising this, many Europeans are striving to progress, based precisely on their traditional values,” he said, in an apparent reference to the resurgence of right-wing parties in some EU countries.

“Whether they will manage this or not, we will see from the results of the elections for the European Parliament,” Putin added.

Far-right politicians have been leading opinion polls in France and Italy ahead of the main election day on Sunday.



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