Revolutionizing Online Casinos: The Potential of Quantum Computing

Revolutionizing Online Casinos: The Potential of Quantum Computing

Technology is transforming our lives. So much so we’ve been introduced to quantum computing. A foreign concept for many, but it is a concept that is going to change our world. With quantum computing, we have seen it slowly creep into our lives, including some of our favorite pastimes, such as gambling. It has also changed how we look at security, changing the conventional battery and even predicting the weather in some cases. To say quantum computing will touch every sphere of our lives is an understatement. And in that breath, let’s look at quantum computing and its relation to online casinos.

What is quantum computing?

This specific area of study is focused on the development of computer-based technologies in relation to quantum theory. In simpler terms, quantum computing is basically bits that can be one thing and nothing all at once. These bits are all working together across a device. Quantum computing is breaking into many industries, such as online casino space, gaming, and more.

Unlocking the future

Quantum computing is about to disrupt the virtual world in the best way possible, and we’ve noticed tremendous growth. One such world is online gambling. The online gambling space has seen exponential growth over the past few years. A large part of online gambling’s focus has been on security and fairness, and quantum computing can offer both, which will greatly benefit players. Players are increasingly asking for more security and even fairness in gameplay. In fairness, it’s the randomness of an online casino game that stands out.

Revolutionizing Online Casinos: The Potential of Quantum Computing
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The randomization of online casino games

What do we mean when we say the randomization of online casino games? Let’s look at an example. If we take sports betting for an NFL game, there are multiple variables to consider when making a bet. Multiple variables will influence the outcome of the game. Then there are favorites and the underdogs to consider as well. All of this influences the outcome of the game and your bet. These are all random, which is a remarkable thing. For the most part, gambling will always be random.

When we look at online casinos, they are managed by a group of people, which includes developers and operators. This makes it extremely important that all games are consistently random. Therefore, quantum computing is paramount in keeping online casino games random. This is also where we look at random number generators.

Random number generators

These are the lifeblood of both online and traditional slot machines. But how do they work? If we specifically look at slot machines, then each casino will assign a value to each symbol on a specific reel. Then, let’s say it’s a slot machine with 5 reels, each containing 12 symbols. The random number generator will create a value for each reel and symbol. Then, how would someone win? Players win when the five random symbols make one winning combination. That’s it, that’s how it works, and that is fair.

Random number generators exist so that no one can tamper with casino games. For example, operators even use online slot machines to time out of a certain period. This goes against the fair play setup gamblers are used to. Whether someone plays their first game today or their hundredth next year, their odds will always remain the same thanks to algorithm-based random number generators.

Revolutionizing Online Casinos: The Potential of Quantum Computing
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How quantum computing will affect the industry

Random number generators are already great tools for the gambling industry; however, the idea is to make them less predictable. Especially with the older technology, it’s much easier for individuals to figure out the algorithms and crack them. However, there is no cause for concern because quantum computing is changing the game.

The quantum realm, so to speak, is something humans simply can’t predict. This is exactly what makes it appealing. People are unable to predict what comes next or even specific patterns. Quantum capabilities with random number generators completely remove predictability, which is wonderful. Incorporating quantum capabilities into random number generators will almost always generate unpredictable results. There is a study done on Quantum true random number generation on IBM’s cloud platform that offers great insight into this new functionality we are eager to experience.

While this is the biggest benefit, security is another one. Quantum computing can essentially mean online casino security systems are unbreakable. Meaning no one would be able to cheat the system and gather unauthorized information about anyone. Especially credit card details. While this aspect of quantum techniques might be some time away, both casinos and players are excited at the prospects.


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