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Rocket, Missile, Heat Traps? Video shows fireball like object over Rostov, Russia

A massive fireball like object is spotted in videos over the skies of Rostov, a town in Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia.

People from the town have captured several videos of the fireball like object.

The fireball like object has sparked a debate on social media as many are confused of what exactly is flying over the Rostov.

Some say the fireball like object is a missile or rocket fired during training exercises by Russian army, others say it could be shooting of heat traps.

A user on social media after sharing the video of the object said, “these frames clearly show that the fiery phenomenon in the sky, which frightened the inhabitants of Rostov, is the shooting of heat traps. Possibly a military jet disintegrating.”

Here are some videos of the strange object over Rostov:

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