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Russia calls Gaza hospital blast ‘crime’

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Russia said on Wednesday that a blast at a Gaza hospital compound that health officials said killed hundreds of people was a “crime” and an “act of dehumanisation”.

Israel and Palestinian militants have traded blame for the explosion, which has sparked global condemnation and violent protests in several Muslim nations.

“Regarding our assessment, we certainly qualify such an act as a crime, as an act of dehumanisation,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, without saying who she thought was responsible.

She said that Russia had been following official statements from Israel, which denies it was involved, and that it now needed to provide proof.

“If there are serious intentions … to prove it was not involved and is innocent, then it needs not only to comment in the media and on social networks, but to provide facts,” she said.

“Please provide satellite images, and it would be nice if the American partners did, that show the geography of flights, with all the details that were available at that time,” she added.

The Israeli army said Wednesday it had “evidence” that militants were responsible for the hospital blast, and said that a review proved others were at fault.


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