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Russia is preparing to attack Poland: Kiev’s Ambassador in Warsaw

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Russia’s aggression against Poland or another European Union (EU) country is possible in the near future, according to Andrii Deshchytsia, Kiev’s Ambassador in Warsaw.

“Russia is preparing to attack Poland. Diplomatic missions, including the Russian Embassy in Warsaw, probably have this information. And they are covering their tracks,” European Pravda quoted the envoy as saying.

The smoke over the Russian embassy in Warsaw was mentioned by the Ambassador. On the eve of the invasion, a similar cloud of smoke was seen over the Kiev embassy in Russia.

“It is clear why they are doing this. If there had been information and documentation that would not have caused Poland any harm, they would not even burn it, even if they had to leave the embassy. But if the documents or archives at the Embassy contain evidence of any subversive activities of Russian diplomats in Poland, this is a serious accusation and a serious argument that can be used later in an international criminal court against Russia,” said Deshchytsia.

He believes Russia is currently attempting to create a pretext for the use of weapons.

“Russia needed at least some excuse to invade Ukraine. But in order to enter Poland, which is a member of the EU and NATO, it is necessary to prepare much more seriously. Russia needs to have serious arguments as to why it intends to interfere in Poland’s internal life and attack Poland,” he said.

According to European Pravda, the destruction of the Russian Embassy building could be one of the reasons.

“Then, under this pretext, Russia would send spetznaz (special forces) to protect it. During such an operation, there is provocation, a Russian soldier is killed, and then Russia has a reason to send in its troops,” Deshchytsia added.

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