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Rutgers University bans unvaccinated student from attending virtual classes

rutgers university virtual classes logan hollar unvaccinated student

Logan Hollar, a student at Rutgers University, is unable to attend online classes due to his vaccination status. Despite receiving information from the school about COVID-19 vaccine mandates, the 22-year-old ignored it because he only studied remotely and assumed there was no need for him to be vaccinated because he was not attending the classes on campus

Rutgers bars unvaccinated student from online classes

A student at Rutgers University in New Jersey claims he has been barred from attending virtual classes from home because he was unvaccinated against COVID-19.

“Logan Hollar transferred to Rutgers University in 2020, spending his junior year taking virtual classes from his Sandyston home in Sussex County, more than 70 miles away from the New Brunswick Campus,” reports

“I’m not in an at-risk age group. I’m healthy and I work out. I don’t find COVID to be scary,” said Hollar, 22. “If someone wants to be vaccinated, that’s fine with me, but I don’t think they should be pushed.”

“When they put out the guidance in March, I was reading through all the verbiage, which was if you plan to return to campus, you need to be vaccinated,” Hollar said. “I figured I wouldn’t be part of that because all my classes were remote.”

“Days later, I called back since I hadn’t received anything. They told me that unfortunately, they had decided that they would not grant waivers for anyone who had put in for them past Aug. 23, even though I was told that I could get one with no problem on the 27th.”

Statement from student’s step-father makes sense

“I believe in science, I believe in vaccines, but I am highly confident that COVID-19 and variants do not travel through computer monitors by taking online classes,” said the student’s step-father.

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