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Samsung to launch Rollable Phone: here’s when to expect it

Samsung Rollable Phone Release Date
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When it comes to the release of foldable smartphones, one manufacturer that’s already taking the lead is Samsung. According to the latest reports, it seems the giant tech company is looking to introduce something new later this year. A new leak says Samsung will soon launch a reliable smartphone in the coming months. That brings us to the burning question of what is the release date of the supposed Samsung rollable phone?

As you read through the rest of this post, you’ll find everything we know so far regarding the upcoming Samsung rollable phone, including its release date.

Samsung to launch a rollable phone soon – here’s the release date

Rollable phones are a new flexible concept in the smartphone industry. These devices have a couple of things in common with foldable phones. One big difference, however, between them is that foldable smartphones are often folded while rollable phones are rolled up.

The introduction of foldable smartphones is no doubt a great move in the industry. However, one can’t overlook the biggest issue affecting these devices, which is the crease. More like a punch-hole camera, the foldable crease is pretty much noticeable. While it’s something that most people can live with, avoiding it will certainly make a big difference. Here’s where the advantage of using a rollable phone comes into the scene.

According to a new leak by Ice Universe, the notable Samsung insider tweeted Samsung is looking to launch its first-ever rollable phone in the coming months. For now, there’s no official statement from Samsung regarding the release date of the rollable phone. However, Ice Universe mentioned the smartphone will go by the codename “Diamond.” Adding to this, @UniverseIce revealed that the release date of the rollable phone is in the second half of the year.

Recently, analyst Ross Young confirmed in a tweet that Samsung’s move to release a rollable phone is indeed true. However, he added that the production of the devices has been pushed out beyond 2022.

Samsung Rollable Phone Release Date


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