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Shooting: Active shooter reported at Hyatt Ziva Riviera hotel in Cancun

active shooter Hyatt Ziva Riviera hotel
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There were initial reports of active shooter at Hyatt Ziva Riviera hotel. Guests at the hotel in Cancun, Mexico which is popular with American tourists, were told to stay put by hotel staff after reports of gunmen near the hotel.

Guests at a five-star resort in Cancun, Mexico, are currently taking cover amid reports of a “active shooter” scenario, with witnesses reporting hearing the sound of a “machine gun.”

Armed suspects reportedly stormed the beach at the Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun on Thursday afternoon, with shots fired.

According to reports from Mexico, paramedics have arrived at the scene, but no information on casualties has been released.

Terrified hotel guests have tweeted about being told to “duck” and seek shelter in hidden locations with hotel employees while they await word on what’s going on outside.

The US embassy in Mexico said on Thursday that consulate officials were looking into social media reports of shots fired at a hotel in Cancun’s beach resort.

Several law enforcement agencies have arrived on the scene to help with the incident.

Videos of active shooter situation at Hyatt Ziva Riviera hotel in Cancun

Former NBC executive Mike Sington, who was staying at the resort at the time said that he began hiding around 4 p.m. EST.

Later, Sington wrote that there was a shooter on the Riviera Maya property and that employees were hugging each other.

“Active shooter at Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun Resort. All guests confined to lobby now. Hotel staff huddled together in corner. Still no announcement or update from hotel, Hyatt, or police. Several guests have now told be they saw gunman come up from the beach, actively shooting,” Sington wrote in a tweet.

UPDATE: According to latest reports, one suspect has been apprehended.


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