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In the era of technology, not just students and professionals are getting hooked to gadgets for daily usage but also youngsters, kids and even the geriatric population are getting indulged to use mobile and computers. However, seniors, due to the limited access to education and know-how of the technology, find difficulty on how to utilize it.

To overcome such barriers, we can encourage by telling them about the benefits of computer surfing as per their level of interest and understanding. For example, we can tell them about different informative articles and newsletters available on the internet and also about YouTube

Let’s look into some ways by which we can enhance the interest and spark in our aged ones:

1. Opt For Computers With A Clear Visualization:

Our aged population suffers from various health conditions that make it challenging to use technology. For example, eyesight problem is a major issue in the majority of adult populations. This health deteriorating factor becomes a source of hindrance to them because they find it difficult to read and type small letters.

Therefore, select the gadgets, or you can simply customize the keyboard as per requirement. With the use of bold and capitals and oversized buttons, the alphabet and keys are clearer to them, and they are happy to use the computer independently.

2. Security And Password Protection:

In a survey and researched report, it has been estimated that the older population, usually 65 age, are quite concerned about their personal and sensitive information being leaked while surfing on the internet, playing video games or newsletter sign-ins.

Therefore in order to secure information on different social networking platforms, always review the privacy policy on websites to prevent any security concerns. Also, download password protection manager and security apps to prevent any online scams and virus entry via the internet.

Explain to your loved ones that you never provide personal information such as user name, ID number, account number, address or other information on the internet because these online websites have scammers that extract information.

Also, never respond to spam emails and suspicious links that might have security threats. Never accept friend requests on social media because they can surely hack some of the information.

3. Account Settings:

Help your elders to use social media accounts regularly by forming their accounts on Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo, skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. This way, they are able to communicate with their friends and family easily on social media without asking for your assistance every time.

In fact, many of us, especially seniors, often feel a hassle in making payments online. They are either attacked by viruses or fraudulents and all their credit card or bank information is leaked. To avoid this, Click here to make crypto payments using Bitcoin and Litecoin using a credit card. This is such an easy and reliable method that is free from all sorts of scams and refund barriers.

Also, make sure to save this information on the user settings of the computer beforehand because they might forget passwords.

4. Adjust The User Settings:

It’s always a better idea to adjust the computer settings according to the user preferences. This way, they are able to enjoy the tech device as of their feasibility. For example, many older users have vision problems, so adjust the screen brightness to a low level of contrast and with a night shield protector to prevent further eye problems.

Many aged ones have arthritis, and they find difficulty in typing therefore, you can download voiceover apps in the computer to function the computer with just voice commands or single clicks.

You can also magnify the screen to make the apps and writing much more visible to them to avoid any frustration. Also, you can download the text reader app on their computer, which enables you to hear the text that is written on the screen.

5. Take It Slowly And Gradually:

Patience is the key to success. The adult population is usually overwhelmed by the use of electronic devices. So, make things easier for them. Allow them to explore and navigate different things on the internet on a daily basis. Take it slow, and don’t consider it as a burden.

Explore the things which suit them the best and match their level of interest and comfort. For example, you can download different games from the Google Play Store, such as Subway Surfers, crossword puzzles, and scrabbles that they can play and pass their time.

Also, you can download some animals or tech videos that they can enjoy. Some medical apps so they can keep a track record of their health and ask relevant questions to online consultants. Or a speed tracker to watch the number of steps they take daily for good health. In fact reminders such as prayer reminders or medicine administration alarms.


Many seniors are reluctant to use computers and smartphones because they lack the basic skills and education that are required to function. Such basic skills and internet navigation are mainly taught in school, so adults prefer to read newspapers for news and articles rather than computers.

Therefore, seniors must look into the easy and convenient options to start using a computer. It’s our responsibility to educate our seniors and loved ones regarding tech usage so they don’t feel left behind. To remain interconnected in this digital era with their family and friends, which is healthy and a source of happiness for them

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