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South Korean President Yoon’s photo staring at a blank computer screen raises eyebrows

South Korean staring at a blank computer screen
President Yoon Suk-yeol looks at a computer monitor at his hotel in Madrid, June 28. Courtesy of the presidential office

During his visit to Spain last week, a photo of South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol staring at a nearly blank computer screen sparked speculation in online communities, with some suspecting it was staged by the presidential office.

Yoon’s office released 12 photos of the President and First Lady Kim Keon-hee in various settings during their four-day visit to Madrid last week on Sunday, according to Korea Times.

Yoon is seen in one photo sitting at a desk, staring at a computer monitor with his right hand on a mouse.

People were quick to notice that the screen was nearly blank, with only the outline of what appeared to be a document or portal visible.

According to the presidential office, the photo was taken after Yoon met with his aides on June 28 in Madrid in preparation for the NATO summit.

In response to speculation that the President was simply posing for a photo with nothing on his monitor, the White House issued a clarification, stating that the photo was taken shortly after Yoon signed off on items for a Cabinet meeting in Seoul, leaving the page blank.

“When we release a photo of the president, we try not to show whatever is on the monitor or document the president is looking at,” an official told reporters on Monday, citing security and other reasons.

“We pay close attention when we release photos, and to distort that as if we were putting on a show is quite regrettable,” the official added.

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