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Spotify down: Users Having Issues And Can’t Play Songs

Spotify down

Spotify is among the most popularly used music applications in the world. However, much to the user’s dismay, the application is down today. Many complaints lodged on the official Spotify site state that songs only play for a few seconds before the application completely shuts down. Users around the world are experiencing an outage that prevents song playback. The issue began around 8 AM ET and continues presently, a large number of Spotify users have expressed disappointment at the fact that the issue has still not been resolved yet. The application continuously gives an error that states “can’t play the current song.”

According to staff at Spotify, they have acknowledged the issues and are working to restore the application as soon as they can. The official tweet by Spotify staff states that “We’re aware of some issues right now and are checking them out! We’ll keep you posted.

The persisting outage is only being experienced by users who are trying to playback any songs that they recently played on the application. The problem does not exist for songs that have already been synced with a user’s Android or an iOS device.

Being one of the most popularly used applications among youngsters, Spotify has rarely displayed any issues with connectivity or outages. The last time an issue persisted on the application was during July due to a Facebook iOS SDK issue, which meant that the app crashed as soon as the user clicked upon it. Down Detector UK reported that there have been 3000 reports regarding the issue.

Despite being down for hours, no progress has been made to resolve the issue. The application still displays the following 3 errors:

  • Something went wrong. Have another go? Try again.
  • Sorry, something went wrong. That didn’t work. Please have another go.
  • Can’t play the current song.


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