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Spotify ‘no internet connection available’ error annoy users

Spotify no internet connection available error fix

Spotify is one of the best applications for listening to music and sharing playlists with your friends. Millions of users log onto Spotify each day to enjoy their favorite tracks. Spotify is an integral part of many people’s day – it’s logged onto while on the bus, during commute, during long walks, while getting ready and practically anywhere and everywhere. When Spotify began showing the error that stated no internet connection available, several people were disappointed. Thousands of users have been bombarding community forum to inquire for a fix that can resolve this error.

Spotify says no internet connection available

A distressed Reddit user stated that the application continues to give a “no internet connection available” error even when the device has been connected to an internet connection. The user said that they had been using Samsung Galaxy S9+ with their mobile data fully turned on. A little digging helped us realize that the issue was not being faced only by Android users. Many iOS users had also reported the same problem.

One user tweeted, “Sick of not being able to play music on my phone because Spotify constantly says ‘no internet connection’, even though I can get onto everything else (Facebook etc) fine! Time to cancel my subscription i think, I’m not getting anything for it!”

Needless to say, users are disappointed and frustrated with the application at the moment. Several angry reviews have been turning up under the application on Google Play. Some people have even left the streaming service for better options. Another user said, “Keeps going out. Won’t play songs. Says no internet connection. I have full signal. I’ll rate again with a better review when the issue is fixed. Till then, pandora is looking nice from where I’m sitting.”

Spotify no internet connection available fix

How to fix the error?

The issue disappeared during the early days of December but resurfaced again. Spotify has not acknowledged the issue nor provided any solution yet. 2020 has been a difficult year for Spotify, the application went down multiple times in the last few months.

It seems that Spotify has not been able to identify what is causing the bug and multiple network outages this year.


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